My name is Rachel, I'm 19 years old and live in England with my parents, two sisters and cat.

From a young age my mum and grandma taught me how to scour the charity shops like a pro. My passion for second hand has only grown since! I love:

-Not knowing what you may find at the back of that cluttered shelf, or crammed between those rows of clothes

-Pondering the history of a purchase - who used to own it? What story does it have to tell?

-The satisfaction of knowing that you've given an unwanted object a new lease of life

-Finding quality, unique vintage pieces which aren't available on the high street

-Fixing up neglected items that have seen better days

-Getting a massive 'barg' and saving loads of money!

I plan to use this blog as a means of documenting my journey as a charity shop champion, sharing my stories and passion for making life fabulous on a budget.


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